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Issue 17 (January - March 1997)
Y. Cerci

Energy Saving With Skylights

In our homes we use electric lights only until the sun is high enough; the sun’s light is ‘free’ and we use it until the sun goes down, when we switch on the electric lights again. This is not what ha... read more..

Issue 17 (January - March 1997)
R. Gulen

The Problems of Today's Young

When the problems of the young are talked about, some turn away with indifference, supposing that many useless things already discussed many times before will be repeated. In their view, what should b... read more..

Issue 17 (January - March 1997)
Dr. M. Pakdemirli

The Creation Process: An Engineer's Perspective

Engineers are mainly responsible for the highly regarded inventions of the last centuries that have made our daily lives easier. Nobody can deny the advantages of such technological wonders as planes,... read more..

Issue 17 (January - March 1997)
Dr. Osman Kucukmehmedoglu

The Importance of Maternal Care

Almost all animals come into the world without need of long training or education to manage their lives. Whatever knowledge they need to do so is either ‘deposited’ in their being-modern materialistic... read more..

Issue 17 (January - March 1997)
Ali Unal

Man Between Fall And Ascension

Ibn Sina, called Avicenna in the West, summarizes man’s earthly life in his poem on the human soul as follows: It descended upon thee from out of the regions above, That exalted, ineffable, glorious... read more..

Issue 17 (January - March 1997)
The Fountain

The Door Half-Opened

What imaginations those coming to this world nourish! Imaginations as sweet as the joy felt at religious festivals! And yet the first step taken into the world is also the first step those who have... read more..

Issue 17 (January - March 1997)
The Fountain

Through Death

As for the believing souls, worship of God is a mount for them, by which they fly to the clime where angels fly. With hearts at rest, with spirits having reached their aspirations, They hear God’s ... read more..

Issue 17 (January - March 1997)
Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Reflections on The Existence of The Creator

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. All praise be to the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings be upon the master of the Messengers, and upon all his family arid Companions. Le... read more..

Issue 17 (January - March 1997)
Dr. Sedat Yildirim

World Wide Corruption By Scientific Materialism

Materialism was born in the West in the middle of the 18th century. The British philosolopher Berkeley first used the term to mean an unjustified confidence in the existence of matter. The term later ... read more..

Issue 17 (January - March 1997)
Dr. S. Aksoy

Abortion: Mercy or Murder

Abortion is the intentional destruction of the fetus in the womb, or any untimely delivery brought about with intend to cause the death of the fetus (Price, 1988). As is evident in the definition, it ... read more..

Issue 17 (January - March 1997)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Is there any truth in supranormal phenomena such as spiritualism and telepathy?

The spirit does not belong to this visible world. It issues from the world of unconditioned existence where Divine commands are carried out instantly without the mediation of causes. However, like ene... read more..

Issue 17 (January - March 1997)
Dr. Kenan Haspolat

Nutrition in Classical Islamic Medical Sources

Malnutrition is not the result of only insufficient food. It can also result from too much of the wrong food and from too much of even the right food. Obesity caused by over-eating is injurious to hum... read more..

Issue 17 (January - March 1997)
Y. Yilmaz

Making a Difference

Harold Hilton is a history professor at a university in California, a knowledgeable and well-respected scholar in his field. Every summer vacation, he goes to visit a different historic site somewhere... read more..

Issue 18 (April - June 1997)
M. Fethullah Gulen

The Madness of Power for Its Own Sake

Those who have the power and technological means to satisfy their greed and feelings of hate and vengeance, can bring about as much destruction in a single day as would have taken a century in the pas... read more..

Issue 18 (April - June 1997)
Salih Adem

What a Falling Stone Means

The laws of physics are mathematical expressions of how the universe operates. The events taking place in the universe and the relations between them and the laws ‘governing’ the universe have drawn t... read more..

Issue 18 (April - June 1997)
Ali Unal

The Perfectibility of Man

A book exists first of all in its author’s mind as meaning. To have this immaterially existing book known by others, the author must put it into words, shaped into sentences, organized into paragraphs... read more..

Issue 18 (April - June 1997)
H. Baki

Virtual Reality

Nobody remembers the day on which he was born. As he gets to know himself, he learns from his immediate physical environment, as also from his family, from the other people around him, and from the ev... read more..

Issue 18 (April - June 1997)
Mahmud Al-hakem

The World Wide Messianic Mission Attributed To Jesus Christ Toward the End of Time

Some of the first converts to Islam were subjected to the severest persecutions in Makka. They bore them patiently and never thought of retaliation, as the Qur’an ordered the Prophet Muhammad, upon hi... read more..

Issue 18 (April - June 1997)
The Fountain

The Rose Of My Heart

As I mentioned you again, nothing else remained in my memory; I imagined you travelling on the hills of my heart. A mirage, I know, but it sufficed to calm the anguish of my heart. As I mentioned y... read more..

Issue 18 (April - June 1997)
Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Arguments for The Existence and Unity of God

First argument Every thing, every being in existence displays God’s Unity as a most manifest truth. For example, of the innumerable arguments for His existence and Unity, consider life: He makes ever... read more..

Issue 18 (April - June 1997)
F. Begum Cicek

Die and Let Live or Life Through Death

What is more amazing than the human body of which we are the trustees? Right from conception to the last breath we draw, our bodies function without our deliberate aid. We know our bodies to be more ... read more..

Issue 18 (April - June 1997)
K. Olgun

Islam in Japan

A part from the natural hurdle of the sea which surrounds the islands of Japan, the spread of Islam into Japan was impeded by the occupation of nearby islands in south-east Asia by the Portuguese and ... read more..

Issue 18 (April - June 1997)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Questions for Today

WHAT CAN WE SAY ABOUT THE TRUTH OF DREAMS? While you are in sleep, with your eyes closed, your ear deaf, your tongue mute and your arms and legs motionless, how do you travel your distances meet many... read more..

Issue 18 (April - June 1997)
F. B. Rahim

The Unmaking of A Young Thief

A young man (let us call him Amjad) was walking home, head down, kicking stones on the path. He did not see people who knew him, coming the other way, nor responded to their greetings. His impulsive k... read more..

Issue 19 (July - September 1997)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Light to be Seen in Chaos

The modern age in which we live, despite its many beauties and its promises to mankind, has been an age of suffering and despair for the oppressed peoples of the world. Those peoples, who did not have... read more..

Issue 19 (July - September 1997)
U. Akyuz

Transgenic Technology and Religion

Nuclear transfer is used in mammals as both a tool for embryonic studies and as a method for the multiplication of ‘elite’ embryos. It involves transferring the complete genetic material (the DNA cont... read more..

Issue 19 (July - September 1997)
Bayram Yenikaya

Mathematics is Real: Why and How?

It is said that on the door to Aristotle’s dwelling was written: ‘One who does not know mathematics cannot enter.’ I do not know whether this means that those who did not know mathematics would not be... read more..

Issue 19 (July - September 1997)
Dr. Hikmet A. Topcuoglu

Air Pollution and its Effect on our World's Climate

It is a Divine rule that As you sow, so shall you reap. The effects of pollution are not always felt by those who create it, but instead are suffered by these downstream or, in the case of air polluti... read more..

Issue 19 (July - September 1997)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Questions for Today

What is death and what does the spirit do after death? Man has an inborn feeling for eternity. Confined within this transient, material world, he always yearns for eternity. Whoever listens to the vo... read more..

Issue 19 (July - September 1997)
The Fountain


Tears are poetry whose words are written in drops, expressing joy and grief, hope and despair. When consumed with pangs of separation, melting like candle, man breathes in tears and speaks in tears... read more..

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