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Issue 48 (October - December 2004)
Dogan Koc

The Guests of The Palace

The sandstorm was over. It was a horrible night. The caravan was lost in the middle of nowhere. The camels were taking us to a place we knew nothing about. We were tired and hopeless. However, a mirac... read more..

Issue 48 (October - December 2004)
Hikmet Isik

Is There an Islamic Code of Conduct Concerning Way of Dressing

There are no formal rules in Islam concerned with the way one wears one’s hair, the style of clothing or anything else related to external appearance. What is important in Islam is that followers must... read more..

Issue 48 (October - December 2004)
Nuri Delen

Thomas Carlyle's On Heroes and Hero-Worship and Heroic in History

Carlyle was Scottish and lived in England, but he had close relations with the “New World” and had readers in the United States. He had a lifelong friendship with the influential American philosopher,... read more..

Issue 48 (October - December 2004)
The Fountain

Editorial (Issue 48)

Humanity is the most honorable member of all creation, a fact underscored by the divine revelation Surely We created man of the best stature (Tin 95:04). Flesh and bones are not the only components of... read more..

Issue 49 (January - March 2005)
The Fountain

Cemetery Culture

It seems a strange contrast to start a celebration by paying a visit to one’s parents or grandparents in their eternal resting places. But this is exactly what a great majority of Muslims all around t... read more..

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