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Issue 89 (September - October 2012)
Sophia Gallant

From Continence to Virtue: Cultivation of Moral Character

Can people be held accountable for what they feel and wish from a moral point of view or is it only their resulting actions that matter? Is it equally valuable to perform a moral action through forcin... read more..

Issue 89 (September - October 2012)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Dhikr (Recitation of God's Names)

Literally meaning mentioning, remembrance, and recollection, in the terminology of the Sufis dhikr denotes regular recitation of one or some of God's Names at one time. Some spiritual or Sufi orders p... read more..

Issue 89 (September - October 2012)
Daniel Adam Kurtz

Southern Pine Beetle: A Pest Using Pesticides

The use of pesticides by farmers for fighting against pests harming their crops is a common yet controversial issue in bioethics and agricultural sciences. These pesticides often kill their target [1]... read more..

Issue 89 (September - October 2012)
Michael Anthony Samuel

Walking in the Shoes of Others: Stepping in and out of Turkey

What inspires migrants to leave home, friends and country to cross over into unknown worlds? Often many make the journey driven by the prospects of better life opportunities. Others seek escape of ref... read more..

Issue 89 (September - October 2012)
Johnston McMaster

Building an Ethical and Shared Future through Education in a Glocal Perspective

Glocalisation is a relatively new word or idea for a new time. Information technology, greater communications and travel have now placed us in a global village. We are being shaped by a larger yet, at... read more..

Issue 89 (September - October 2012)
Nihal Zeren Dila

The Ticket

When the National Research Council of the USA announced in 1992 that DNA testing was a reliable method to identify criminal suspects, the technology rapidly entered the mainstream court system. The de... read more..

Issue 89 (September - October 2012)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Lovers of Light

On a clear night, having fixed their hearts upon the Light they set out for eternity And wherever the journey led, they carried their gift of radiance. Gleams of Beauty unfading so entranced their ... read more..

Issue 89 (September - October 2012)
Zekeriya Ozsoy

Reward and Praise in Education: When, How and for What Purpose?

"Good grades pay off literally. Teachers have long said that success is its own reward. But these days, some students are finding that good grades can bring them cash and luxury gifts... Baltimore s read more..

Issue 89 (September - October 2012)
Huseyin Bingul

Translating the Qur'an into Action

Reflections on the Qur'an: Commentaries on Selected VersesM. Fethullah G├╝lenISBN 9781597842761NJ: Tughra Books An average English reader is often familiar with the Shakespearean character Hamlet and ... read more..

Issue 89 (September - October 2012)
Hikmet Isik

Modesty and Effacement

Question: A person who is busy with philanthropy and good services bears the risk of developing self-pride and fall into some personal expectations. How can one keep his or her sincerity while involve... read more..

Issue 89 (September - October 2012)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 89)

1- Frosty freezers no more Original article: Kim P. et al, ACS Nano (2012, online ahead of print) Frost formation on aircrafts at high altitudes poses major safety threats and high-maintenance costs read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
The Fountain

Outside the Agenda

The world agenda is occupied with all kinds of things: the US presidential elections, Syrian massacre, economic fallout in Europe, instability in the Middle East in the course of the Arab spring... Th... read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
M. Fethullah Gulen


Today, scientific developments have reached unparalleled speed and level as we stumble upon a new surprising invention or discovery every day. It can be argued that more new inventions and discoveries... read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
Ali Fethi Toprak

Yonder Mystery of Bones and Reproduction

For many years, scientists thought that women were born with a limited number of oocytes (eggs) in the ovary, estimating around three thousands oocytes. This number declines by time until the age of f... read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
Alpaslan Sahin

Advanced Placement Phenomenon

Two national news magazines, U.S. News and Newsweek, annually publish lists of America's Best High Schools. While Newsweek takes the total Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or... read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
Safiye Arslan

Can Plants Talk?

Plants come across with numerous organisms in their natural environment. So how do plants communicate with all these organisms such as other plants, herbivores, predators of herbivores, and even thems... read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
Juan Fernando Lucio

From Modernity to Post Modernity: The Importance of Faith in a Changing World

In his essay Postmodern Knowledge, French philosopher, Jean Francois Lyotard defined post modernism as the series of changes in the way we view culture, literature and science since the end of the nin... read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
Hamza Aydin

Hunger Management and Survival

Hunger poses a danger to life, however dehydration is fatal. Although the energy obtained from nutrients become fuel for the organism, water functions like engine oil making it one of the essential el... read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
Margaret A. Johnson

The Hajj: Reflections from Mina

This article does not encompass the entire Hajj ritual, most notably leaving out umrah and visiting the Ka'ba. Rather the author reflects on a rarely written-about portion of the Hajj-the time spent i... read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
Osman Cakmak

The Sun and its Distinctive Position

Every morning and evening we witness the sunrise and the sunset in a colorful play. Luminous stars virtually hover over us like a parade during the night. We do not even notice the revolution of the e... read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
Dorothy C. Buck

Louis Massignon: A Tribute to a Pioneer in Interfaith Relations

Fifty years ago the renowned French Catholic scholar of Islam and the Islamic world, Louis Massignon, died on October 31,1962. He left a legacy of books, articles and lectures, many of which are dedic... read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Ihsan (Perfect Goodness)

Ihsan two literal meanings, doing something well and perfectly and doing someone a favor; it is sometimes used in the Qur'an and the Sunna with either meaning. At other times, as pointed out in the re... read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
Yunus Emre

A Lesson, If You Wish to Listen

They had so much wealth and goods, Come and see them in their graves. Only a large shirt is their share And even those, without sleeves Dignitaries they had been With servants standing before the... read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
Fethiye Ozis

Living Green: How Much Do I Need to Suffer for It?

Fewer disposables. Fewer climate-changing green house gases. Fewer containers of trash. Fewer acres of ecological footprint. However, more local solutions. More conscious choices. More green alternati... read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
Theodore Albert Metzler

Questions Concerning Robots That "Care"

Robots that "care" are no longer merely science fiction ... Producing machines that look and behave like people seems to be a human project with a long history. Mention of a Jewish Rabbi producin read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
Douglas Golding

The Four Bs of Religion

Some people assert that all religions are much the same, for better or for worse. Others will insist that their religion is unique, or that their religion is the only way to God. In 1989, in his clas... read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
Fuad Canoglu

Of Frogs and Men: Perspectives on the Principle of Gradualness

We humans are inclined to be hasty, and wish to do what we want in a rush. We like to doing things quickly, cheaply, and still want them the highest quality. Certain matters in life truly require spee... read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
Ihsan Kose

Why Is Cancer a Complex Disease?

The chaos theory, first introduced by Edward Lorentz, offers new horizons for economists, meteorologists, seismologist and scientists studying in other branches regarding the problems they have been s... read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
Erkan Kurt

The Messenger of Mercy

I was invited a while ago to a meeting in Little Rock which was held on the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. The audience watched a video entitled The Universal Mercy telling about ho... read more..

Issue 90 (November - December 2012)
Hikmet Isik

Seeking Forgiveness in the Service of God

Question: Why is seeking forgiveness needed even right after a good work in the service of God? It is very likely for us human beings to lapse or sin even during actions that are meant to serve the ... read more..

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