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Issue 92 (March - April 2013)
Cihan Kara

Will Cern Reveal The Origin of The Universe or cause the end?

CERN, the most advanced physics laboratory on earth, announced on July 2012 that they had found a particle that behaved like the Higgs boson, a particle predicted almost 50 years ago to exist. This read more..

Issue 92 (March - April 2013)
Katharine Branning

Mixed Greens of Hope

Walking into a regular salad bar for lunch, one anticipates nothing more than a short and simple exchange of civilities and of course a mixed salad. But there are instances where the wisdom one may read more..

Issue 92 (March - April 2013)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Sakina - Itmi’nan (Serenity and Peacefulness)

Literally meaning calmness, silence, steadiness, solemnity, familiarity, the subsidence of the waves and tranquility, sakina (serenity) is the opposite of flightiness, restlessness, wavering or indeci... read more..

Issue 92 (March - April 2013)
Mirac Bekdemir

Extraordinary Blood Circulation in Crocodiles

By examining the heart of a crocodile, researchers have discovered how it is that an air-breathing land animal can manage to glide through murky waters for several hours without the need to surface. read more..

Issue 92 (March - April 2013)
Rev. Dr. Pachomius Okogie

Philosophy of Horizons: Beyond the Immediate and the Obvious

No matter how fast or how far a person runs, the horizon will always be beyond them. This being the case, the real distance and depth of the horizon is inside a person, it is in their mind and perce read more..

Issue 92 (March - April 2013)
Mahmut Celiker

Healing of Wounds

What possible similarities could there exist between a human and a tree? Interestingly, the open wounds of human beings and trees are subject to the same laws and are healed in similar ways. Have read more..

Issue 92 (March - April 2013)
Hamdi Sener

Mala’, Manufacture of Consent, and True Freedom

Mala’, the ruling clique of a particular social order, throughout history have always been at the forefront to control the thoughts and actions of their people. With a new face and form, the mala’ con... read more..

Issue 92 (March - April 2013)
Fatih Osmanoglu

The Journey of Drugs through the Body

We get ill due to various reasons and in order to get better, we sometimes get some rest, sometimes be extra cautious with what we eat and other times use medicine. But how does medicine get absorbed ... read more..

Issue 92 (March - April 2013)
Ihsan Kose

Rising and Collapsing Worlds in Galaxies

By the time you finish reading this sentence, you will have been carried over the earth, passed the sun, and moved through actual space of 1000 kms! In the time it takes you to ponder upon this, you read more..

Issue 92 (March - April 2013)
The Fountain

How To Avoid Claiming Divine Favors Upon One Self

Question: There are positive developments around the world in the direction of a revival of ethical and spiritual values. How should believers position themselves on a safe ground to avoid claiming di... read more..

Issue 92 (March - April 2013)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 92)

Facing Aggression Gómez-Valdés et al. Lack of Support for the Association between Facial Shape and Aggression: A Reappraisal Based on a Worldwide Population Genetics Perspective. PLoS ONE, 2013; 8 (1... read more..

Issue 92 (March - April 2013)
Mohammad Aleem

An Adoring Journey through the Wisdom of Words

After months of rigorous labor and hard work, I have recently finished translating the book, The Messenger of God: Muhammad – An Analysis of the Prophet’s Life by M. Fethullah Gülen, translated from T... read more..

Issue 93 (May - June 2013)
The Fountain

A Very High Peak To Climb

On Sunday, I requested a friend of mine to babysit my two young boys so I could attend my cousin’s wedding. A few days later, I called the same friend, this time so I could attend the funeral of my de... read more..

Issue 93 (May - June 2013)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Souls of Immortality

Immortal souls always preserve their vitality, and in every season, they show a different sign of life. They never wither or fade away; they never lose their vigor. Neither the setting sun or the fadi... read more..

Issue 93 (May - June 2013)
Ali Fethi Toprak

Cancer: Cellular Anarchy

Cancer is a complex disease, claiming millions of lives every year. There is no single type of cancer. However, all types of cancer have one thing in common—anarchy. It is noteworthy and insightful to... read more..

Issue 93 (May - June 2013)
Mary Lahaj

Contemplative Practices: A Comparative Perspective On Different Faith Traditions

The world is too much with us; late and soon,Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;Little we see in nature that is ours;We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!…For this, for everything read more..

Issue 93 (May - June 2013)
Safiye Arslan

From Mexican Jumping Beans to Cyborg Plants

According to Merriam Webster, cybernetics is the science of communication and control theory that is particularly concerned with the comparative study of automatic control systems, such as the nervous... read more..

Issue 93 (May - June 2013)
Kinko Ito

Cooking and World Peace

In the summer of 2007, I traveled to Turkey for ten days as a member of an International Interfaith Dialogue (IID) group from Little Rock, AR. The tour included sightseeing at various historical sites... read more..

Issue 93 (May - June 2013)
Eren Tatari - Yamina Mermer

Islamic Philosophy of Science

Attempting to answer questions of agency, causality and universality from an Islamic perspective is called the “Islamic philosophy of science.” In answering these questions from an Islamic perspective... read more..

Issue 93 (May - June 2013)
Suat Yildirim

Culture of Coexistence: Exemplary Cases of Relationship between Muslims and Non-Muslims

Imam Sarahsi narrates an incident which is exemplary of Islam’s policy with respect to non-Muslims. Imam Abu Yusuf, the chief justice of the Muslim state when the Abbasids enjoyed the zenith of their ... read more..

Issue 93 (May - June 2013)
Erhan Yenilmez

A Slap on the Beach

The tropical Kamilo Beach on the Big Island of Hawaiian Archipelago should be a scenic place with white sands and crystal clear waters. However it is laden with tons of human made objects that have fl... read more..

Issue 93 (May - June 2013)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Qurb and Bu'd (Nearness and Remoteness)

Nearness (qurb) means that one transcends corporeality in order to acquire perfect spirituality and proximity to God. Some interpret it as God's proximity to His servants; however, this is not accurat... read more..

Issue 93 (May - June 2013)
Hamza Aydin

Recurring DNA in Genome Structure

A genome is a data book or registry which records the past and future of living organisms. It dynamically and simultaneously stores hereditary and biological information in three different hierarchica... read more..

Issue 93 (May - June 2013)
Seth Mette

Butterfly Effect

You had to build the cocoon as your sanctuary In order to find your new self in tranquility As you transformed, the sanctuary became the enemy Demolishing your home turned out to be your first duty... read more..

Issue 93 (May - June 2013)
Nebil Mersinli

A Blessing Behind an Unlikely Veil: Vomiting as a Healthy Human Reflex

Being one of the most important human reflexes, vomiting is the phenomenon of spewing out, through the mouth and nose, the contents of the stomach and intestines in the form of strong convulsions. Vom... read more..

Issue 93 (May - June 2013)
Fatih Harpci

A Subject of the Divine Promises: Ishmael

The family story of Ishmael is one of the ten family histories into which the book of Genesis is arranged. This history of Ishmael shows the fulfillment of the promises made by his parents regarding h... read more..

Issue 93 (May - June 2013)
Arslan Mayda

Don’t Let Me Down

As we enjoy and appreciate so many things in life, hair is usually among the blessings most of us take for granted. Although it might be difficult a task to “count your blessings” in the literal sense... read more..

Issue 93 (May - June 2013)
Ibrahim Yildiz

Nanomedicine: A Novel Paradigm to Medicine

Nowadays, we have been accustomed to hear “nano-something,” and we hardly pay any attention to what this really means to us in our daily life. From the perspective of material science, nanoscience or ... read more..

Issue 93 (May - June 2013)
Alpaslan Sahin

Questioning Techniques and Wait Time

Socrates is the first known philosopher to have used questioning in a systematic way with an ethical purpose in mind. Famous Socratic dialogue takes place between Socrates and Meno in which they discu... read more..

Issue 93 (May - June 2013)
Hikmet Isik

Historical Recurrences

Question: Taking into account the notion that history repeats itself, how should we view recent incidents and events that are taking place in our world today? Indeed, the world has once again stepped... read more..

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