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Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
Caroline Lancaster

Missing Pieces

Once I could see God in one thing - even though it was the vastest, most mysterious, and perhaps most obvious example in creation - I was able to see God in almost anything. Before, there was no read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
Amina Negm

The Glass Half Full

And alas the day has come,when worlds crash, collide.When the happiest day of someone's life merges with someone else's nightmare.When someone hears of someone's death,while another hears his baby's f... read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
Yusuf Bilgic

Progress or Fallacy in Inferring

New developments in scientific thought and hypotheses testing are changing the ways we think about truth and certainty. Not only do scientific decisions rely heavily on tools and procedures of qu read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
Samet Er

Annemarie Schimmel Building Bridges between East and West

This is an article on the life, works, and efforts of Cemile (the Beautiful), as Annemarie Schimmel (d. 2003) was called in the East. Who was Annemarie Schimmel? How did she influence the Occident and... read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
Salih Yolcu

Sustainable Curiosity: How to Invigorate Curiosity for Scientific Literacy

"Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning"William A. Ward When I visited my family last time, I realized that my two-year old nephew, who could not speak fluently and knew only a few words read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
Ali Fethi Toprak

Hot, But Can't Do Without: The wisdom behind the hotness of peppers

Like all omnivorous foods, peppers - both hot and sweet - have been created in unique, wise ways to make them appealing to eat and to help reproduce. Plants and their fruits are sustenance for he read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
Ali Osman Ozkan

Hui People: Chinese Speaking Muslims

Though most outsiders view Chinese culture as being monolithic, both ethnically and religiously, there are over 20 million Muslims living within China. They've managed to peacefully co-exist with bo read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
Melissa McPen

Relax - I Am Out Of The Game

I tell myself: "It's ok, there is no race, step aside. Be humble. Keep your beauty within. Liberate yourself from things that don't matter..." Now I am going to ask you a "Fill in the Blank" question... read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Financial and Physical Ways of Worship

Question: What would you say about financial forms of worship? Are there any conditions and guidelines for well-off believers regarding donations and charity? Worship is essentially categorized into... read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 98)

Sequence Integration in the Brain Basal ganglia subcircuits distinctively encode the parsing and concatenation of action sequences. Jin et al. Nature Neuroscience, Jan 2014. When we learn to play a ... read more..

Issue 98 (March - April 2014)
Mehmet Kara

Healing with Venom

The honey bee does not only produce honey. It also produces beeswax, pollen, bee venom, gelee royale, and proplis. These products, as well as honey, have been used as complimentary therapy (apitherapy... read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
The Fountain

Editorial: Drawing Closer

"To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the Purpose of LIFE." (from "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty") This past A read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Laborers of Thought, Building the Future

Those who will shape tomorrow with their ideas will be the guides of generations to come. The way they think and reason will redesign the world, and their messages will brighten the future. They will ... read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
M. Tarik Ozgur

The Psychology of Morality

When the captain of a sunken ship commands the lowest ranking crew member among the survivors in the lifeboat to be killed and used to sustain the lives of the others, I wonder: what are his thought p... read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
Meryem Akgun

A Dialogue of Flowers

The wind gently touched my soft petals. They slightly swayed back and forth to the beat of the wind. It was cooler here than in our homeland. But it didn't feel uncomfortable. My leaves reflected the... read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
Ali Fethi Toprak

Artificial Replacement of the Failing Heart

Cardiovascular disease is a progressive, debilitating, and deadly disease affecting over 23 million people worldwide.1 The physiopathology of heart disease is the minimal regeneration capacity of the ... read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
Ali Fethi Toprak

Reproducibility in Today's Science

  Recent advances in science have led to longer lives, better health care, and healthier societies. Science develops through trial and error. However, irreproducibility still remains a problem, with ... read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
Mesut Erzurumluoglu

Consanguineous Marriages Perspectives from Social Taboos, Religion, and Science

There is a great deal of suspicion about consanguineous unions in the world. Whether this suspicion relies on health issues or not, we still have to be aware of possible genetic effects of consanguini... read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
Noble Lee

Embrace Mortality

Most of us operate under the assumption that there will always be a tomorrow, that there will always be another chance to buckle down and get serious about the business of living our lives to the best... read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
Huseyin Senturk

Jefferson's Qur'an

Thomas Jefferson occupies a special space among the Founding Fathers as the principal author of the Declaration of Independence and the third president of the United States. Denise Spellberg, a schola... read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
Furkan Osmanoglu

Electricity in the Heart

Our heart is like a pump that never rests. The distribution of the dirty blood to the lungs and clean blood all through the body is organized by a system that produces an electrical current. Every sec... read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Dahsha and Hayra (Utter Astonishment and Amazement)

Every traveler journeying in the valleys of love and zeal sometimes burns with the fire of love, and sometimes overflows with joy owing to the "wine of immortality" offered by the Beloved. While burni... read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
Ethan Johnson

A Personal Journey: Read as You Sail!

Facts and knowledge, truth and belief, philosophy and faith, science and religion - these are all about guiding others into what one enjoys oneself. Some are more successful than others in this guidan... read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
Gokhan Halikan

How Is Nature Being Cleaned?

After a long, busy, and exhausting year, he wanted to take a rest in his summer house, which lies under a mountain opposite a nice, blue lake. He deserved this holiday. After parking his car in front ... read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
Amany Shalaby

You Have Loved Him All Along

What do you love in anything or anyone that is not His?In reality, you have loved Him all along!Forms are like pigeons carrying the Beloved's letters.You fall in love with the pigeonsAnd miss reading ... read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
Melissa McPen

In Respect of Nature: The Amazing Nature of Bacterial Bio Plastics

"Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realize we cannot eat money." Cree Indian Proverb The table I have under my lapto read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
Allen S. Maller

Religion Is Not a Zero Sum Game

The Turkish term for "tolerance" is "hosgoru" which means seeing or looking for the good side of another person. Unlike toleration, which is a passive acceptance of the other, hosgoru means actively l... read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
Seth Mette

Staff Only!

It was an ordinary day. As usual, I was sleepy. I had not had enough rest, since I was on call the previous night. Right before lunch, I was making plans about how I could sneak into the attractive "s... read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
Mesut Mizrak

Light Photography

To be able to see we are in need of two blessings granted to us: the eye and light. We aren't the only creatures who thrive on light; plants are also in need of light to perform photosynthesis. Unfort... read more..

Issue 99 (May - June 2014)
Donald A. Beecher

Hearts and Minds for a Country Nation and the Construction of Self Identity

The topic is both risky and troubling because nation, per se, as it is defined in traditional ways, is no longer operative in pluralistic societies, at least not without significant adaptation. A rede... read more..

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