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Issue 118 (July - August 2017)
Veli Keskin

Protecting Our Privacy – or what is left of it

Do we have to give up our privacy for better security? This has long been debated on Capitol Hill [1]. The discussion stems from the mass surveillance methods deployed by a number of government agenci... read more..

Issue 118 (July - August 2017)
Hakan Yesilova

Abraham - A Story of True Submission

Imagine a situation where you have no choice but have to sacrifice your only child – your precious, who came late in your life as a great surprise.  Or think of yourself rejected by your father and y... read more..

Issue 118 (July - August 2017)
M. Fethullah Gulen


Question: What does taqwa mean and what needs to be done to achieve it? Taqwa is having the due high regard for God Almighty. And those who adopt it as their life philosophy and accordingly adjust th... read more..

Issue 118 (July - August 2017)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 118)

Tomatoes Might Be a Key to Preventing Skin Cancer Cooperstone JL et al. Tomatoes protect against development of UV-induced keratinocyte carcinoma via metabolomic alterations. Scientific Reports, July... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Souls Devoted to the Path of Truth

Devoting oneself to communicating the truth is an expression of humanity’s privilege of having “the perfect pattern” in creation; it is an unparalleled rank for those who can attain it. There are devo... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
Omer Serranur

The Heart and the Miraculous Blood Flow in Our Body

One of my patients came one day with her daughter and complained about her being too weak to do anything. The child looked very thin. After our checks, she was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
Al Strong

Globalized Islam and the Muslims in the West

We are living in a globalized world. Different communities live side by side more than any other time in history. The transition comes with many challenges such as language barrier, culture shock, dif... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
Atif Yorulmaz

Animals That Sense Earthquakes

Certain phenomena can be known after deliberation, as they occur within the limits of our current knowledge. Other phenomena may be known eventually, although we cannot yet penetrate them with our pre... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
Lawrence Brazier

Early Islamic Culinary Art

How do we alleviate the harshness of our daily routine? One may contend that the true purpose of art is to offer readers, viewers, and listeners the opportunity to forget themselves, which means a qui... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
Sage Chen

“Don’t Forget to Like Me”

Social media has become an important part of our lives. It has led a communication revolution, making it far easier for large, diverse groups of people to communicate. However, social media has also b... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
Mir Mohammad Saber Ansari

Lovers Are Gnostic and Gnostics Are Poets

Love is the only path to recognizing and reaching God. It is the only power that will enable humanity to reach maturity. If love did not exist, we would never have had Gnostics; we would never have ha... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Istighraq (Immersion)

Literally meaning absorption, diving into, becoming deeply involved in, istighraq (immersion) denotes transportation by joy, oblivion of the world, the cleansing of the heart from worldly worries enab... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
Suleyman Cifci

Joseph: Islamic and Christian Teachings from the “Best of Stories” (Part 1)

Joseph is one of the most important, revered figures in both Islam and Christianity. What lessons can be learned from the Qur’anic and Biblical accounts of his life?  “When we are being told a story ... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
James Jackson

Joseph: Islamic and Christian Teachings from the “Best of Stories” (Part 2)

  The Biblical accounts indicate that the name Joseph means, “The Lord will add” (Genesis 30:24). It was a very common name in Biblical times. Although there are many different Josephs mentioned in t... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
Fatih Bera Aslan

How Do Ants Find Their Way?

Imagine you are a desert ant. You get out of your nest to search for food in the white sands of Tunisia. You don't know where to find food and thus proceed randomly around the desert. Moving in a wide... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
Salma Hany Abdel Fattah

A Tale of Two Ends

My pen is heavy and my words are messy; is the world I know gone already? I miss the rhythm of listening to predictable news and the certainty of a life that was once secure. I miss staying up for no ... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
Omer Serranur

Wet Cupping Therapy

It was not an extraordinary thing when Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, won six medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics. The weird thing was he had dark circles in his back, on the sho... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
Justin Pahl

Enes Kanter - A Dervish in the NBA

Enes Kanter is unique among American athletes. He is one of the few practicing Muslim players in the NBA, and in a league known for its political activism, Kanter is still one of the most outspoken pl... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
M. Fethullah Gulen


“Always intend to earn God’s good pleasure when performing your deeds, for God accepts deeds that are done purely for Himself.”[1] Question: How can we purely seek God’s good pleasure in our deeds an... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
The Fountain

Eat fat, live longer?

As more people live into their ’80s and ’90s, scientists focus more on the issues of healthy aging. A recent study proved controversial when it demonstrated that a high fat, or ketogenic, diet not onl... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
The Fountain

Why are yawns contagious?

Why do we yawn if someone else does? Ecophenomena drives us to imitate other people's actions, but it's also found at excessive levels in neurodevelopment disorders such as Tourette’s, autism, and epi... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
The Fountain

“Pen” diagnoses cancer in 10 seconds

A team of engineers and scientists has developed a “pen” that accurately identifies cancerous tissues during surgery within 10 seconds. This handheld instrument could one day be used by surgeons to qu... read more..

Issue 119 (September - October 2017)
The Fountain

How to Face a Disaster?

Hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes … More people are being affected by more natural disasters. But life’s challenges do not only come in the form of natural disasters – individuals have to face ... read more..

Special Issue 2017
The Fountain

What Went Wrong With Turkey?

Asli recounts how her mother-in-law recently caught her six-year-old son stealing a pomegranate from the neighbour’s tree. When she asked her grandson why he was stealing, he replied: "I’m stealing th... read more..

Special Issue 2017
M. Fethullah Gulen

The Turkey I No Longer Know

The Turkey that I once knew as a hope-inspiring country on its way to consolidating its democracy and a moderate form of secularism has become the dominion of a president who is doing everything he ca... read more..

Special Issue 2017
Yüksel A. Aslandoğan, PhD

What Really Happened in Turkey on July 15, 2016? An Alternative to the Turkish Government Narrative

On July 15, 2016, Turkey experienced a horrific event: an unsuccessful military coup. But a year after the tragedy, questions about what really happened remain unanswered. What we know for sure is tha... read more..

Special Issue 2017
Philip Clayton, PhD

“And not equal are the good deed and the bad” - On Violence, Power, and Peace in Turkey’s Most Disastrous Year

Why do the most violent people in the world accuse the most peaceful of violence? The last year represents one of the darkest periods in modern Turkish history. In lectures around the world, I once a... read more..

Special Issue 2017
Jon Pahl, PhD

A Meditation on Persecution

Among the many gospel hymns and spirituals that have provided strength for a suffering people over the decades, one has stayed with me in recent weeks. That song—sung by the great soul artis... read more..

Special Issue 2017
Peter A. Cohen, PhD

“Have You No Sense of Decency?” An Open Letter to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Mr. Erdoğan: I have visited your lovely country no less than five times over the past ten years. On four of these visits, members of the Hizmet movement were my guides. I have also proudly been assoc... read more..

Special Issue 2017
Scott C. Alexander, PhD

What Went Wrong? Purge, Persecution, and the Imperative to Stand with the Innocent in Turkey

The disturbing meme depicting criminals impaled on hooks with the words "The ideal method of execution for [the members of] the Fethullah Terrorist Organization: The Ottoman Way" is making i... read more..

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