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May 2019

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Issue 129 (May - Jun 2019)
The Fountain

Editorial: Diversifying Relationship with God

Evil and violence have always been a part of the human story. While every individual has both angelic and devilish aspects, many of the most violent atrocities have been committed by powerful authorit... read more..

Issue 129 (May - Jun 2019)
M. Fethullah Gulen


Paranoia is a chronic spiritual illness that disrupts a person’s ability for reasoning, balanced thinking, and judgment. Paranoia is a symptom of psychopathy. People who exhibit signs of paranoia ofte... read more..

Issue 129 (May - Jun 2019)
Omar Bagasra / Anisah B. Bagasra

The Smokeless Fire: Can We Explain the World of Jinn in Multi-Dimensional Logic?

Spatial dimensions and unseen reality, important in both science and religion, are areas that have perennially fascinated human beings. The quest for truth, in these and other areas, is best realized ... read more..

Issue 129 (May - Jun 2019)
Emru Kiydal

Religions and Economic Justice

Economic inequality refers to the disparity of wealth or income between individuals or between the different groups in a society. According to Di Matteo (2014), economic inequality occurs primarily as... read more..

Issue 129 (May - Jun 2019)
Asli Uzun

Metaphysics of Mental Health

Over time, the pressures that accumulate from our commitments and responsibilities can affect our mental health. Through prolonged periods of stress, cortisol and adrenaline poison our body, which can... read more..

Issue 129 (May - Jun 2019)
Ayhan Cetin

Are We Ready to Swim with Crocodiles in the River and Dance with Lions in the Jungle?

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African proverb American civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr. echoed the sentiments of this African Proverb when he said... read more..

Issue 129 (May - Jun 2019)
Irfan Yilmaz

Fasting and Cleaning

There are many ongoing studies into fasting, a practice prescribed across many religions. Increasingly, there is evidence to support that intermittent fasting is beneficial to human health. The oppos... read more..

Issue 129 (May - Jun 2019)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Intoxication and Sobriety (Sakr and Sahw)

In the language of Sufism, sakr (intoxication) means that an initiate is enraptured by the rays of the manifestations of God’s “Facial” Light. His or her returning to his or her former, normal state i... read more..

Issue 129 (May - Jun 2019)
Sinem Akbulak

Frequency of Meals and the Example of the Prophet

It is widely accepted in modern culture that people should eat three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nutritionists generally recommend adding two snacks (one in the morning and the other in the a... read more..

Issue 129 (May - Jun 2019)
Ahmet Kurucan

Dialogue with the Qur’an: Understanding the Divine Message in Its Context and Beyond

The message of the Holy Qur’an is believed to be relevant for all Muslims, including those who lived when it was first revealed (between 610 and 632) and those who will come until the end of time. Bas... read more..

Issue 129 (May - Jun 2019)
Omer Yildiz

Moringa: A Source of Healing

Being a native Indian tree, the Moringa also grows in tropical countries, such as Nigeria. Although its leaves have long been eaten or brewed for health benefits, its effectiveness has not yet been re... read more..

Issue 129 (May - Jun 2019)
Abdullah Aymaz


Hannah, the grandmother of Jesus, the mother of Mary, the wife of Aaron, the mother-in-law of Zachariah, the daughter of Fazuka. On realizing that she is pregnant, prayed to God in utmost sincer... read more..

Issue 129 (May - Jun 2019)
Mehmed Gokcel

Sin and the Feeling of Guilt

O you who believe! Turn to God in true, sincere repentance. (66:8) Philosophers and scientists have long mulled over the faculties that govern our actions and thoughts. They have identified these read more..

Issue 129 (May - Jun 2019)
Hikmet Isik

Staying behind for Profound Knowledge

Question: What are the lessons today’s believers should draw from the following Divine message: “Believers should not go forth to war all together. But why should not a party from every community of t... read more..

Issue 129 (May - Jun 2019)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 129)

Artificial photosynthesis transforms CO2 into liquefiable fuels Yu and Jain. Plasmonic photosynthesis of C1–C3 hydrocarbons from carbon dioxide assisted by an ionic liquid. Nature Communications, May... read more..

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