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Top 5 Reasons People Are Violent

WHY are people violent? What pushes us over the edge? Is it taught, is it biological, or both? There are a variety of factors and they all play a role, though they vary from person to person. These factors

The Fountain Talks

Maintaining Our Health (The Fountain 137)

The Fountain Magazine’s 137th issue is all about health, life’s most precious gift. Explore the healthy benefits of two remarkable fruits, the date and the papaya. Discover the world of a fascinating

The Fountain Live YouTube Event Announcement

The Fountain is inviting you to its first YouTube Live event on May 14, 2020. It will be at 4:30 pm New York time. Speakers include authors from 134th issue: Professor Daniel Skubik, Rabbi Burt Visotzky,

Why the Nizamiye Mosque is More Than A Mosque

Zaakirah Cassim Cachalia talks about Nizamiye, one of the largest mosques in the southern hemisphere. Cachalia explains how this monument of South Africa serves not only as a place of worship, but more

Ideal Human Conference 2012, Lahore

Ideal Human in the Thoughts of M. Fethullah Gulen, International Conference 2012, University of Punjab, Lahore

Why Kneeling Is Not Disrespectful

Interview with Ed Stevenson. Cemal Ozgur from The Fountain talks with poet Stevenson on his poem "Kneeling" published in July-August 2020 issue. Read the "Kneeling" poem here for free:

The Fountain Magazine 115

The Fountain 115 is all about vision: come and take a look at the world through the “eyes of honeybees,” and into our body through “medical imaging”; glance across time into a “short history

The Fountain Talks

A review of The Fountain issue 135 with authors Ceyda Sablak, Anwar Alam, Alpaslan Ozdogan, and Lawrence Brazier.

READ The Fountain feature video

“Read!” says an inner voice a sacred call a divine invitation “Read!” cry the woods, the mountains, the backyard garden, the planets and stars, all of nature a universe of connections in support

Mother of Orphans

Cemal Ozgur is speaking with Dr. Seyma Aslan on her article "Mother of Orphans" in The Fountain 134 March-April 2020.

Faster Closer - Peaceful Coexistence

We are living in a much faster and much closer world. Cultivating a culture peaceful coexistence is necessary for global peace. Education is the most needed tool for this goal.

Birds or Humanity?

Atilla Kahveci is speaking with Dr. Daniel Skubik on his article "Birds or Humanity?" in The Fountain 134, March-April 2020.


Ignorance is such a chronic disease that it corrodes an entire nation and gnaws away at our existence. Ignorance is the deprivation of knowledge; it is the inability to define proper goals in accordance

Find a Teacher for Yourself

Emre Celik is having a conversation with Rabbi Burton L. Visotzky on his article "Find a Teacher for Yourself" published in The Fountain Magazine 134, March-April 2020.

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