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Reflections On The Existence of The Creator
Apr 1, 1996

In winter, the visible signs of vigorous plant and animal life all but disappear. Trees have lost all of their leaves, insects have said farewell to life, many reptiles have buried themselves in earth for a long hibernation, flowers have faded away and died, and earth is wrapped up in its white shroud.

Then, as the weather grows warm toward the end of winter, you witness an overall resurrection on earth. The seeds of innumerable species of grasses, plants and trees germinate under earth and each individually, without confusion, takes on its own form and puts on its own charming dress. Countless living beings brought back to life change the dead earth into a paradise and enjoy the happiness of awakening to a new life. The number of flies which fill the earth in a single season of summer make up, alone, is a more populous community than the whole of humankind from the time of the Prophet Adam to the end of time. Each living being restored to life again, whether of plants or animals, is given its special provision without any neglect, and supplied with the equipment necessary for its life. All this takes place in so short a time and yet so perfectly and in such a miraculous harmony that, like the rays of the sun being indicative of the sun, it points to the Single One of Unity who rules over all things and creates everything on a particular pattern and with a particular nature and disposition.

Indeed, who other than the One with infinite power, all-encompassing knowledge and an unlimited wisdom, can have a part in those infinitely complicated yet harmonious events of creation and recreation or revival and provision, instruction and training and discharge from life? If anyone other than the Supreme Being, who gives existence to all living and non-living things, had had a part in these events, which are each a miracle, everything would have been in a chaos. Whereas, as all branches of science have concluded after long years of study and research, there is a wonderful, overall order and harmony in existence, with nothing in confusion or disorder.