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Reflections On The Existence Of The Creator
Oct 1, 1996

The heavens and earth and whatever is in and between them point in different tongues to the same fact, namely, the acts and operations of a Single Being. As astronomy testifies, every movement and formation in the heavens, and, as geography acknowledges, every act of coming into existence and change, testify to the existence and Unity of an All-Knowing and All-Powerful One, whose every act is miraculous, as well as to the perfection of His raising. Also, all beings on lands and in seas, each mercifully provided with its particular food and just on time, each wisely clothed in its particular dress, and equipped with various senses and organs peculiar to each, individually bear witness to the existence and Unity of an Infinitely Powerful One, and, as a whole, point to His being the One and Unique Lord and the sole Object of Worship.

Similarly, all plants and trees in fields and gardens, and the blossoms growing on them with ravishing beauty, colours and smells, and diverse fruits smiling at us with their many different forms and tastes, all this announces in thousands of ‘plays’ the existence and Unity an Infinitely Beautiful and Gracious One who makes Himself known to us through thousands of games of colour and form.

Again, the drops of rain sent down to us for many important purposes from clouds hovering or travelling over us testify to their number to the existence and Unity of an Infinitely Merciful Being. Besides, mountains fixed on the surface of the earth like masts, and various mines deposited therein for the different uses of mankind, are as mighty evidences to the existence and Unity of that Being as are the mountains themselves, and they make even the blind and deaf feel His existence and Unity.

‘Likewise, the emerald hills and slopes and their being adorned with multicoloured flowers with petals of different shapes and positions, and the rustling and rhythmic movements of those petals bear witness in millions of tongues to the existence and Unity of that Magnificent Being and to His being unique and peerless in raising and bringing up.