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Ascencion to His Mercy
Jul 1, 2013
As the water of ablution trickles down my face

Anticipation overwhelms me in the presence of His Grace

Cleansed is my body, before the purification of my soul

Ascension to His Mercy is my objective and my goal

Two feet on the mat, the mat of salvation under my feet

My very existence being beckoned for my Lord to meet

Humbly I gaze, visualizing with clarity His holy House

For this fire within me, only His Compassion can douse

With a wave of my hands, everything carnal is set behind

Proclaiming His Greatness, to all that is worldly I’ve become blind

His Words of Compassion and Mercy come forth from my very lips

All that is chaotic or meaningless has been totally eclipsed

Submissive to His Will, from His own Book, are the words I speak

“Only Thee do we worship, and Thine aid do we seek” (Qur'an 1:5)

I announce His Majestic Governance and Rule of all the realms

Being in submission to His Omnipresence, truly overwhelms

The burden of my deficiencies weighs heavily on my shoulders

Compelling my back to bend, I denounce all attributed partners

He has no partners and no err can blemish His Glory or Throne

For He Sees and Hears all, and for Him everything is Known

I throw myself onto my mat, face down, my forehead kissing the floor

O Merciful One, Your Might and Greatness, to the universe I roar

Prostrated with humility, I acknowledge all that You take or provide

It is only to Your Will that all of creation and existence will subside

Having a value of zero in my Owners presence

Soliciting forgiveness, salvation, atonement, and penance

A moment of eternity, free from time and space

Yet, everything encapsulated within His universal Grace