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Spring’s Ballad
May 1, 2016

When the time is due, you will see that a new spring has come.
Roses bloom, nightingales sing, and tulips are all around.
Flowers breathe out their perfumes;
Birds and bugs, all enraptured in this clime.
Trees sway like dervishes in the ever-blowing breeze,
Everything dancing to the winds’ melodies.
Death smiles, hopeful for the beyond in this place,
Where the spring is a thin veil on the face of Paradise.
A soul that reaches beyond this veil unifies with the Eternal,
And then becomes otherworldly in full.
Even if the roads to the beyond seem to be steep now,
They are no worry for the soaring Paradise-bound souls.
Even if their horizon narrows, and the world puts the squeeze on,
Those who search for infinite serenity are equipped with faith.
Souls vigilant with belief will understand.
With a different kind of drink, drowsy are their eyes,
Always beholding the spring, and ambling in Paradise.
When they die, they die like seeds sown,
And in the next spring, they are resurrected, one by one.