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Avoid the Negaholics – Always
Sep 1, 2018

Some people are full of negative thoughts. They don’t dream or strive. These are negaholics, and if you’re trying to achieve great things you must not listen to them!

Attention! They are everywhere, sapping your energy, attacking your immune system; before you even notice, they change your life. Still wondering who these powerful folks are?

They are the negaholics.

We all have weak spots, but you must be careful about what you let into your inner soul. Since people are normally sociable and love mingling with other people, humans listen to many voices. Unfortunately, some of them say things like: you can't, you won't, I dare you, I warn you, you don't seem alright, what's wrong with you? And on and on…

Many people have the greatest ideas and the most wonderful dreams but often hear people saying, “you’re out of your mind”; that your dreams are way beyond your capabilities. Some people are strong enough to stand up for their dreams, for what they believe in, but others aren't. It doesn't mean they’re weak, just that they can be influenced by others, or that they place too much value on what others think.

Negative thoughts and reflections implanted in our minds and souls are certainly something we need to avoid in order to live a successful, fulfilled life. Lucky are those who have someone to encourage them, to believe in them, to be always there to listen, support, and drive them forward; but those who are not so lucky must avoid negaholics.

The best you can do is to surround yourself with effective, positive thinkers who boost your power, enhance your stamina, and enlighten your vision. You can never ask someone to give what they don’t have; one with no dream can never believe in someone else’s; one with no ambitions can never understand those of another. You must listen to those who dream, those who strive. Perhaps you cannot choose the people you meet, but you can always choose who influences you.

The little voices that bite your energy are the worst companion you can ever have. When you make big decisions, or even insignificant ones, you may hesitate, and that's when you value a third party’s opinion – and when a negative voice whispering in your ear is really unneeded.

Life is full of challenges, and dreams are not easy to catch; make sure you're getting the right inputs into the recipe of your day-to-day life. Make sure no words can bring you down, and no one can stop you from becoming the person you truly want to be! Most important of all, make sure you are avoiding the negaholics!